Wearable devices that communicate health information using audio playback.

“An ingenious and joyous way to guide the reverie of every pregnant woman into strategic meditations for enhancing the health and bonding of every mother and child.”
-Thomas M Brod M.D. Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Extra long battery life to protect the growth and development of your baby’s developing brain. My Baby Bonding Band is NOT wifi connected.

Pregnancy companion

  • Wearable device with audio playback
  • 3x Daily playback, health messages
  • Simple controls to start/pause/ stop
  • Extra long battery life
  • Durable for daily wear, water resistant
  • Must have pregnancy support and companionship
  • Offers you daily word pictures of your baby’s development
  • Daily wise advice and health information
  • Enhances your Nine Glorious Months, forty weeks and 280 days
  • Many ways to reflect, rejoice and celebrate the tiny miracle growing inside you
  • Week 5 to week 40, you can start anywhere you are at and can go back and forth as you choose. Better to start even in last trimester than not to start at all!


Your body knows how to birth your baby just as the Earth Knows How to Give Blossom to the Flowers.

The New word on the worldwide street is:
The My Baby Bonding Band®

  • What is it?  My Baby Bonding Band® is a Sound Advice®  chic  affordable bracelet that can be worn by you (and Dads and Partners too) throughout the entire pregnancy.
  • What is its purpose: My Baby Bonding Band® offers you simple, daily spoken word with healing music audio suggestions, womb whispers, meditations, reflections and heath information. Since time is of the essence, each message is only  two minutes. Daily you will learn to protect your health and that of your unborn baby.
  • These 2 minute healthy word gifts offer each mother the opportunity to create a magical intrauterine environment as well as offer you a daily opportunity to bond with her baby.