By wearing your 
My Baby Bonding Band®
chic audio bracelet, we offer you
the daily opportunity
to receive soothing messages of your baby’s daily growth
and development and easy, healthy, empowering, mindful offerings for you to feel the way you want to feel.

To enhance the time of your pregnancy
and your baby’s prenatal experience,
My Baby Bonding Band® audio
chic bracelet offers you the daily meaningful
and mindful companionship
every mother needs, wants and deserves.
Affordable for all.

To keep your baby’s developing
brain safe from wi-fi interference,
your My Baby Bonding Band®
runs on a safe 10 hour rechargeable battery. 
We honor the latest research. 

To avoid the isolation of pregnancy, each mother wearing her My Baby Bonding Band® contributes to the universal “Pride of Pregnancy” that connects all mothers worldwide. Fathers/partners, support persons can also proudly wear the My Baby Bonding Band® audio bracelet for solidarity, participation and easy learning about the lovely daily pregnancy journey. Fathers/Partners also need connection and support. We give you that.

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